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  • Bryan Bakker

ICLR Phoenix Project

Documentary Video Production Company Approach

Working for the Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Bizbio (our video production company) was happy to release the first in a multi video series called The Phoenix Project. Late last year while a family was away on a day trip their house caught fire. Neighbours called the fire department and firefighters were able to put the quickly spreading blaze out before it could engulf the entire home. Unfortunately two of the families pets were killed in the incident.

Purchased by Murray Pound, owner of Generations Master Builder in Sarnia, a partnership was forged with ICLR to rebuild the property beyond code in order to showcase and draw attention to the growing need to have updated building codes in order to protect families and properties from the increasing risks of fire, wind, and basement flooding.

Bizbio's production house filmed the first installment built around a primary interview with Murray as he explained the backstory of the home and his intentions to work with ICLR to make the residence what is now generally referred to as resilient.

Fire alarms hardwired with battery backup in every room. extra fire suppression drywall over key walls and beams to slow down any future fires should they occur again. Plus hurricane clips for roof trusses and other wind resiliency features and of course the latest design in backwater value and sump pump basin to prevent basement flooding.

In an age where environment instability is a growing reality due to climate change and worries of over health and safety are ever more prevalent ICLR and Generations Master Builder are stepping up to make a point to decision makers and deliver at least one family a rebuilt resilient home that they can live in comfortably knowing it has been retrofitted with the newest equipment in disaster prevention. We at Bizbio are proud to be able to showcase these valiant efforts.


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