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  • Bryan Bakker

Why Video (Part One) - Why Your Organization Needs Video

Updated: May 4, 2022

Create a network tv series feel for your videos

This three-part series of blog posts is meant to inform readers how video can help their organization get a leg up on their competition, create efficiencies that will save money and/or make a lasting and memorable impact on their prospects and customers. In this post I cover generally why every decision maker should consider producing one or more videos. In the next post I cover why those who have decided to do video should use a professional company and lastly, if you've decided to do a video and use a professional, why you should choose Bizbio.

  • Marketing Multiplier - Video is a marketing Multiplier. Since 95% of all customers check out a product or company online before buying (from referral to billboards to radio to TV) the question becomes what do you have for them to find. Landing pages with video convert three times more visitors that those without. That means your marketing dollars and efforts become three times more effective which means your ROI becomes a matter of when not if. this, by itself, is huge.

  • Longevity - Video can last years which means marketing dollars spent on video can provide dividends for years. Where else can you say that about marketing dollars spent?

  • Hidden Assets - Every business has hidden assets. The owner’s passion, great employees, beautiful showroom; all things that require sweat and treasure to build up but are known only by existing customers. Make those hidden assets promotional assets. Use everything you have built to bring new people in the door not just hold on to the ones you’ve already got.

  • Establish trust - The toughest part of sales is getting people to trust you. Video can be used to warm a cold meeting and build a bond with a prospect before you have ever met. Our deep brain doesn’t know the difference between meeting someone on video or in real life and we can use that to establish a positive familiarity ahead of any actual meeting or encounter.

  • Create Efficiencies - Companies that have staff who are always answering the same customer questions should have a video that they can send or link to that can save them that time. Similarly, companies that have complicated training requirements can produce videos to help reinforce key processes like health and safety or quality control. Use video to free up staff and save money as well as making more.

  • Local Advantage - One advantage small business has over big business or big box is their local connections and tie ins; the hidden gems in every community ‘If only people knew about’. There is nothing better than a great video to leverage that advantage to get people interested in local alternatives that will support local communities.

  • Local Face - For big business or franchises, customers don’t deal with big faceless corporations they deal with the person at the counter or coming to their door. By using video to introduce frontline staff you personalize your brand and bring people into the fold through the great personalities you have working for you.

  • What to Expect - Having a video that can showcase what a customer can expect to go through if they sign on the dotted line with a company can help to put them at ease to take that next super important step. Show them how much time it will take, how much inconvenience it will cause and the of course the great benefits they’ll get at the end of it all. On top of that a video like this can also be used as a tool to train salespeople or installers.

  • Multi-purpose – Videos can be utilized as different tools for different purposes in the sales funnel. Have a video produced that is a broad net to draw an audience in and then a longer video on the website that can close the deal by offering more detail to those who have expressed interest. Have one video produced that appeals to one demographic (younger audiences for example) and another produced appealing to another (seniors perhaps) If they are planned and done simultaneously the extra expense is minimal.

  • Social Media – Properly produced creative videos can be used to maximize investment and efforts online through videos designed to be shared or producing ‘snippets’ for social media release over weeks, months or even years. They are also needed for any serious crowd funding campaign or ‘how-to’ strategies.

Other ideas and reasons exist of course: produce how-tos, create a network style series, establish your brand identity, produce a round table discussion for those in your industry. The point is video is powerful. I'd guess most of you out there spend a fair bit of time watching and enjoying it every day; your ideal customers are no different. There is no time like the present to reach out to Bizbio and chat about what a project for your organization might look like.


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