Our Creative Team makes our film video production company tick. 

Bryan Bakker headshot

Owner of Bizbio Inc., Bryan's London based video production company, has been producing commercials for clients since 2011. He specializes in storytelling and branding with a diverse skill set including, producing, directing, cinematography, editing, graphic design, and more. He also knows what he doesn't know. That's why he relies on experts, who he has built relationships with over the years, to fill out his production teams. Two of those key experts are listed below.

Bryan's Portfolio

Bryan's Portfolio

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Director's Cut: Look Into My Eyes - Julia Munteanu

DUCA Field to Fork

ICLR and Generations Master Builder partner on resilient house

Derek Lamoureux Headshot

Derek Lamoureux is a local film video production success story who has been featured on CBC's the Dragon's Den and has since gone on to create and develop commercial and independent film works that have thrilled audiences around the world. Bizbio is happy to call him an active contributor to many Bizbio productions including as director extraordinaire of the GRIT commercial - linked below...