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Barter Networks Cut Out Big Online and Big Box

Updated: May 5, 2022

That's why they’re happy that barter networks aren’t widely understood. The government still gets all its taxes paid, that’s a given (no one wants to mess with the tax man) but the biggest corporations, ah yes, isn't it nice to see them squeezed out for a change? By adding your business to our barter network that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. This is how:

  • The big banks see less activity, so they lose fees and data related to your financial activities. They don’t like that. With LBN your data and trade dollars are just as secure but held locally, not globally, making everything you do with us more secure (read below for more info on this). Plus, when you get, a line of credit through LBN, instead of a bank, we are structurally incentivized to find you the business you need to pay it back. When has a big bank ever done that for you?

  • Big credit card companies – oh how we love them (# facetious). The fees that credit card companies get through barter transactions are reduced by a whopping 93.5%! How? Every time a barter transaction occurs only 6.5% of its value is run through our merchant account as a cash commission. That means if a credit card company regularly gets say 3% of your cash sale, when you do the same transaction through our barter network, they will get only 3% of our 6.5% cash commission. Plus, that 6.5% is staying local and helping grow the network that you get to utilize to reduce your cash expenses overall. Bottomline, you will have access to trade dollars that reduce your cash costs by 93.5% on the goods and services you need, while at the same time helping your local community and cutting the big credit card companies out of the equation. Crazy right? Crazy awesome!

  • Did you know the biggest big box stores in Canada send 85% of all the money you spend there, south of the border? 85%!!! When you spend the equivalent amount in trade dollars at one of your neighbor businesses all that value stays here, stimulating local businesses and supporting the families that rely on them. Barter provides a powerful incentive to shop local and keep the value you create through your hard work local. That’s why we our tagline is proudly "Making Local Make Sense".

Oh Yeah, We said MORE Secure. How You Ask?

If you were looking to hack/trick/ransom a company for cash why hack a barter company? We don’t hold cash, lol, we hold trade dollars. Are they going to come here and spend their trade dollars at one of our member businesses, not likely. By our very nature we are more secure than banks or credit cards because spending time trying to hack us is just plain stupid.

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