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  • Bryan Bakker

Why Video (Part Two) - Why Choose a Professional Company

Updated: May 4, 2022

Video Production Company Toronto Only In London

Cell phones are so much better now. You can shoot great, even edit great on them. Why should I spend money on a professional? First let me say this blog is meant to answer that specific question. Beyond the obvious answers here is a pretty decent list of reasons.

  • First Impressions - The problem with amateur videos isn’t always that they are bad, some are quite good; the problem is they almost always represent opportunities lost because they are rarely planned with the right expertise to maximize the medium. Video is the most powerful promotional tool out there and often your first contact with prospects. You need to make sure it represents your organization properly.

  • Planning- Professional producers knows how to plan a production so that it will do what you need it to do. They will consider who your intended audience is, what action you need that audience to take, whether there is cross purposes you can easily build in so that one shoot can net you different videos, like different tools in a toolbox, and so on.

  • Brand Building - Establishing a brand identity and consistency is a powerful tool to promote and grow your business. Done properly it can showcase your business as a serious player in your industry. Creative promotional strategies should be something every serious business team thinks about.

  • Differentiate - Every business needs to differentiate itself from the competition to be successful and nothing can accomplish that better than a properly planned video. When we plan video production with a client, we will do our research, ask a million questions and then provide ideas on how approaches vary and how we can differentiate.

Quality is the short answer that builds off all the previous points. Lighting, always undervalued by those who do their own videos, proper lighting to create mood, or just that aura of quality is essential. Audio, there is a saying in video production, “Nothing is as important as audio in video.” After all most of us can watch a movie if the picture quality is poor but we won’t last ten seconds watching a movie with bad audio.
  • Gear – Yes, I know cell phone cameras are getting better but there is so much more to good capture then just the light sensor: proper lens, height & angles, teleprompter, dynamic range, light metering, wireless mics, etc.

  • Editing – Most people do not know how to edit for pacing, transitions, colour correction, audio re-mix never mind add graphics and titles such as logos, brand colours or on-screen text so that the end product looks professional.

  • Other Options – Perhaps, bar none, the biggest reason to choose a professional is because your competition most likely has, and they are only a click away. Why not be the one who takes advantage of the quality bias we all have when we watch video instead of being the one who suffers for it?

So that's the big list and alot to consider I know when looking at adding video to your promotional strategy. Feel free to give our video production house a call and we can discuss cost effective ways to get tons of great content for less than you might think. Cheers!


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