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  • Bryan Bakker

Why Video (Part Three) - Why Choose Bizbio

Updated: May 4, 2022

Video Production Company Toronto - No But Better - London

In this last installment of this blog series I discuss all the things that set Bizbio apart as a video production house and make us the best choice for your film video production needs. This part of being a business owner has always been the toughest for me frankly.

My Canadian sensibilities make me cringe at the mere thought of blatant self-promotion or self-aggrandizing. I hope that is not how this all comes off. this list does honestly lay out what I bring to the table for my clients that might be hard to find in other companies.

Our Owner - Bryan Bakker has over thirty years of experience writing original scripts and nearly twenty years producing films for the corporate sector. Before video he worked in a plethora of industries from farming, to construction, to manufacturing to service provider and union steward. Since, he’s had films screened in international film festivals, won video contests for clients (one with a prize of over ten thousand US dollars) produced two local Rogers TV Shows and worked on huge international events for Tourism London including directing and editing the 2013 international Figure Skating Championship legacy video. He has produced video content for several local media companies including "Elgin Update" for 'The Weekly News' in St. Thomas and client content for 'Municipal World' on an ongoing basis. In 2003 He won the nomination to run as a candidate in the Ontario provincial election and in 2013 and 2014 he created and ran an internationally successful horror fantasy festival, remaining board chair of the Tom Zombie Historical Society to this day. In 2011 He founded Bizbio and has been helping corporate clients on a full-time basis ever since.

  • Story - We utilize all the subtleties of storytelling because we know that a video no one watches is worthless. So, our focus is always where it should be, getting people to watch all the way through and share. Stories are a kind of hypnosis; we are carried from one scene into the next short-circuiting cynicism and bringing people along with us. Just like a great website the goal of a great video is to get prospects to pick up the phone, send an email or order and that is where our focus remains.

  • Connections - We know some of the best people in the business; from film crews to postproduction experts, to live actors and voice over talent we can bring on the team required to handle any size job and budget.

  • Research - We research and take the time to internalize every client and their business to make sure we are giving them the best advice possible. We also listen to what our clients say and develop custom ideas and strategies based on their needs. This sounds like one of those of course moments but at Bizbio we really do.

  • Above and Beyond - We love our clients and we love watching them succeed. We are here to help and will work with them to make sure their production is something they are proud of. We also know that everything we produce represents us as well as our clients and we act accordingly; always exceeding expectations and going above and beyond.

  • Experience - We have produced hundreds of videos, worked in every industry and have a depth of knowledge second to none when it comes to understanding general practice and business theory. This means we can generally anticipate your needs and know how to produce what you are looking for minimizing the need for revisions and micromanaging.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and the three part series it belongs too. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project for your organization please call or email. I'd love to learn more about what you have in mind.


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