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  • Bryan Bakker

Meet An Organization Without Video

Updated: May 4, 2022

Marketing Video Production Company - Yes

Digitally this picture represents what your organization looks like when you do not have videos representing it online. Provocative I know but true. The reason I like this analogous image so much is it tells you in a glance the hidden value video can offer; value often overlooked by people who DIY their most powerful tool.

Our brains didn't evolve with video so when we meet people onscreen our primal side doesn't know the difference. That’s why some of us care about the life and times of Tom Cruise for example. What that means practically and for your business is that you can create warm and fuzzies around yourself or a frontline staff that are indistinguishable from having a great face to face meeting where everything went great and you left on terrific terms. Video can literally let you fine tune your first impression.

For example, one client we did a video for got a phone call one day from someone who talked to him like an old friend. He had never met this person before. The prospect had simply watched a video we had done for him which one of his clients had emailed him a link too.

How powerful is that? How amazing would it be to have every first encounter with a prospect be more like a second or third encounter where you are already shining like a new penny in their eyes. (That means even more now because there is no such thing as new pennies!)

Video can turn cold meetings into warm meetings without you doing anything more than you normally do after the video is produced. It builds efficiencies and advantages that are rarely recognized and often overlooked, unless, you guessed it, you decide to do business with us. All the best and stay safe ~ Bryan


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