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  • Bryan Bakker

Introducing The Business Roundtable

Updated: May 5, 2022

Bizbio, London's own Video Production Company, loves bringing new ideas to London and region - this one is called the Business Roundtable. It's simple: surround a table with professionals, either from the same office or from complementary professions, and film them as they discussed their industry and passions over a meal.

The prototype project was produced for Viana Dental; Paulo Viana saw the potential early. We filmed it in his home, surrounding a kitchen island with his office colleagues. Over the period of an hour we captured dozens of organic, authentic articulations of why they loved what they do, who they do it for and where the industry was going. Our video production company team were thrilled and the realization of the power of the format became clear very quick.

At the end of the day Paulo got 9 custom branded, finished videos, including a promo and an eight part series. There is no better value out there right now.

  • Broadcast Quality: Our expert crew and editing team will produce your roundtable edition custom to you, your participants and your industry.

  • Camera Shy: The roundtable format allows the most nervous of participants to be themselves on camera, finally letting them use their likability online.

  • Shared Cost: Each roundtable can consist of up to five participants which means everyone will get high quality content for a fraction of the full price.

  • Network Support: Just like you trade referrals back and forth in business, in a roundtable you can support and get support from other participants.

  • Personalized Content: Every participant will receive content focused on them.

  • Multiple Videos: Each round-table results in at least seven, one to three minute videos. An add-on option is to have those broken down into innumerable fifteen to twenty-five second snippets; perfect for social media.

  • Social Media Material: Since the videos are all of shared use to everyone, everyone will have an incentive to tag and share editions across all the participants personal and business social media networks.

  • Powerful Content: We've all sat around a table chatting with friends or colleagues about our businesses. Because of the format the content collected is highly authentic and believable- the true soft sell.

  • Invite VIPs: VIPs such as celebrities or heads of prestigious associations can be invited to participate in your roundtable, lending their name recognition and credibility.

  • Involve Sponsors: Know a great restaurant or caterer? Perhaps they would be willing to host your shoot in their venue.

  • Local TV: There is the option to submit a twenty-three minute edition to RogerTV for airing on local cable networks.

Various pricing - Please contact us for details.

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Sep 27, 2023

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